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April 8, 2012

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Once again we have limited choices in candidates. Rather than go with either one Americans should look to alternatives. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Use your heads and analyze the facts. Too date no one has told the the truth about the cause of inflated fuel and food prices. over 75% of Americans are being misinformed and led to believe conflicts and shortages are the problem. Ron Paul wants to fix our corrupt and runaway financial system. Big money wants to keep it under their control so Ron Paul is being kept hidden from the public. Do some serious thinking this year before deciding to go with the guy wining the primaries. He has yet to stand on his own two feet and say he will fight for us. Do you really want another puppet in the White House?

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Like it or not, or any way you look at it campaign 2012 is kicking off.  It is all but certain that Mitt Romney will challenge Barrack Obama for President of the United States, and it seems likely that it’s going to be a knock down drag out campaign as well.  Consider if you will the two difference’s of philosophy being presented to the american people.  The current administration that says it does not want to abandon the people, realizing that the only way to assure a national recovery is to get people back to work, raise confidence and get folks buying again.  Then there is the Republican side that feels that the only way to assure that we get back on our feet is let business do their thing, slash taxes for the rich, and deregulating business, and Wall Street.  Raising the confidence of corporate America equates to getting people back to…

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