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August 24, 2008

Ebook reader- Techie future

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Like most new products ebook reader devices had design flaws and were very basic. They apparently were not the “in Thing” in technology. That’s been changing with upgrades to readers and the advancement and availability of cellular antenna technology. The selection of ebooks to download is in the thousands. Newspaper, magazine and news media subscriptions are available. You can read today’s news on your ebook reader before it hits the news stand.

Last year Amazon.com unveiled their own deisgned portable ebook reader

Kindle ebook reader

Kindle ebook reader

The advanced design made this ebook reader very user friendly. The screen is an actual digital paper surface in high resolution, black and white¬† with no glare making it easy to read reducing eye strain. If you read frequently you’ll appreciate the screen features. People who reviewed the product loved the screen.

Portability or bulky is not an issue. The Kindle ebook reader weighs only 10.3 ounces. Amamzon boasts it can downoad a book in about one minute. The kindle ebook reader holds over 200 titles, updated automatically, giving you a large selection of material to download on demand. The built in technology lets you download blogs and other feeds. The batteries last for a few days without a charge. I like that feature.

There is a huge library of books to choose from at an average cost of $10.00, a big savings from the hard copy. You won’t have any books to carry, news paper pages to fight with and the kindle ebook reader is small enough to fit in a purse, briefcase or just held in your hand. You pay only for the purchase and no additional download cost. click here to see the Kindle ebook reader. Read the reviews and see the vast selection of reading material to download.

Will this be the way of the future? Amazon has made major improvements in ebook readers with their kindle ebook reader. We’ve adapted quite well using our computers and internet to do much of reading. The Kindle ebook reader could very well be our future in how we read books. There is a tremendous positive impact it will have on the environment. Book prices will be very affordable. Imagine paying half the price for college text books and no more shelves filled with unwanted books? priceless. Need a techie gift for the upcoming holidays? The kindle ebook reader is perfect for the person who does a lot of reading. It will undoubtedly be one of the most used gifts you give to someone this holiday season.


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